Drink Healthy Today

Our Story

Like many other entrepreneurial tales, ours is a story of two like-minded dreamers meeting each other through a wonderful stroke of luck. It’s a story of two strangers, two friends, a coach and a student and two entrepreneurs - all at the same time. Meet our founders: Harshil Patel and Sparsh Saxena.  

Why drink healthy .today? 

We first met at Penn State University but drink healthy .today  was created when Harshil, who was already running a fitness coaching firm, agreed to be my fitness coach. I believe in being an entrepreneur who could provide value to the people and Harshil was already doing so. Therefore, we came together to offer a product that will help us achieve our shared goal. 

~ Sparsh Saxena

I joined Sparsh in starting drink healthy .today  with the idea of giving people a symbol of good health. I have other health brands revolving around mindful living and mindful exercising and to me, drink healthy .today  is an extension of my overall mission to inspire people to live a more healthy life.

~ Harshil Patel

What we strive for?

We want to provide you with a simple product that can impact your life greatly. We know that bringing radical change in habits is not easy - that's why we are here to help. We truly believe that adding one simple habit is all it takes for much bigger changes in life. We want our customers to embrace health, one sip at a time.